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Commercial Building & Remodeling Franklin NC

Four Seasons Building & Development knows that you only have chance to give a good first impression to your customers. We can help you make the most of your existing facility with our commercial building services.

A new look can work wonders for a commercial space, whether its an office, restaurant or retail store. Four Seasons Building & Development can help inject new life into your business by helping you create a retail or office space that compliments your business goals.



Four Seasons Building & Development in Franklin, NC can assist you in choosing the proper:

  • Layout to direct proper customer flow
  • Use of Color - Defines spaces and adds mood/emotion
  • Textures such as countertops & flooring
  • Style & Design of Fixtures and Furniture which hould reflect your type of business or company

Remember, your business gives an immediate impression of who you are and should reflect your business' or company's appeal. Four Seasons Building & Development can help you make the most of your existing facility.


If your business is growing maybe it's time to consider expanding. Reasons for expansion include accommodating new employees, new services or new resources. Four Seasons Building and Development will work with you to create a commercial space that is just right for your customers and/or employees.

So if you're looking to breathe new life into your business email or call Four Seasons Building & Development of Franklin, North Carolina. (828) 524-6363 or use the form on our Contact Page to tell us more about your project.



One of the most crucial elements to consider when remodeling your business in Franklin or anywhere in Western North Carolina is lighting. It is the one area most often overlooked in the remodeling process.

Lighting creates environments that set the mood for success. The use of creative lighting techniques and spotlights direct where people look, separate spaces within your business, add ambiance and create an experience while still being functional.

There are many great decorative lighting fixtures on the market today that are both stylish and functional.

Don't forget your outdoor lighting as well. Make sure your signage is properly lit as we as your building and landscaping. These illuminations not only serve as measures of security but can add dramatic attention to your business or company.

The proper use of lighting offers the opportunity to reflect your business' brand through intensity, color and design.

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